Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 24

Chamberlain, SD - Minneapolis, MN
Miles Driven - Approx 370 Miles.

Last day!
Driving home.

Thank you Best Western, for the all the clean remotes.


We figure this is our consolation prize for Wall Drug being closed.


Mitchell, SD. Home of the Corn Palace!

But what is the Corn Palace?

A GYM?? We had no idea.

Under a lot of construction, too.

Fine, we'll just do some more antiquing.


Married hand with free peanuts.

Last Sinclair of the trip.

Home state.

 Minnesota sunset.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 23

Rapid City, SD - Chamberlain, SD
Miles Driven: Approx 280 Miles

Rapid City is cool.

 Art Alley.

And then.


Jason's Photos. Titled "Patriotic Dino"

And Mount Rushmore!
Our parking pass is good until the end of the year!

 Married hand at binoculars.

My new band name.
And yes. I bought a metal map of the US for all our state magnets.

Washington's profile.

 Crazy Horse!

 It took quite a few tries to get it all in the frame.

 What it's going to look like one day.

Cool gate.

 Winery, in South Dakota?

 We tried the wine, and bought some. Olives, too.

Wall Drug was closed. Sad face.
But we could still see their dino from the freeway. Happy face.

Late night gas station milk shake. 
And it was good.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 22

Rock Springs, WY - Rapid City, SD
Miles Driven: Approx. 490 Miles

Pumped for a long day of driving.

Weird little hotel room - low ceiling, stuffy and dry. At least the remote is clean.

Mmm, donuts...

 On the road again.

A little treat for the car.

 Married hand washing car.

I thought it was going to be a boring day, but I loved it. Only job is to drive. Let our minds wander, nap. This is why this trip makes sense.