Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quilting - The Beginning

So, it all started with my Mom. She loves linens. She loves fabric, quilts, sheets, you name it.
When I was about 10-ish, we had antique quilt shows in our living room. Two other American women brought their collections to our Paris home and the Parisian ladies would walk around our house, as my brother and I came home from school and grabbed snacks before going upstairs to do our homework. 
I learned a lot about caring for antiques, and the history of quilts. 
My first quilt was a Bear Claw design, only big enough for a doll. I pieced it together, and quilted it myself, all by hand. I think my Mom did the binding. 

I've been dreaming of making another quilt for a long time. A big one. I've been collecting yards of cool fabric here and there, or keeping a skirt that is too tight, but had nice flowers. 

Then this summer, with a 5-week theatre tour on the horizon, it was time to start it for real!

My inspiration came from a blog that called this a "weekend project." Yeah right!

I like the squares and strips, and I like the random-looking colors. 

So I cut up some squares and laid them out:

 Felt like it would take a million squares to fill it out. 

Samelia's Mum had squares of 4, but hers were bigger. It felt a little empty on mine.

Squares of 9 it is!