Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Very Late Post

It's very late to post this since I just "turned" 38 weeks pregnant, 
but I still wanted to make this part of the blog. 
We're gonna have a baby!!

A few sticks I peed on.

And here is the profile of the little nugget at 20 weeks!

Lil' bump.

"The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play. 
And Sally was starting to show!"

California in September.

Fanciness at the Ivey's!

The crib is painted!

You can't possibly call yourself "ready for a child" without Sophie.

This is for real y'all!
We only have 2 weeks to go. It could be more (or less!) but no matter what, very soon, we are going to meet our little one. I don't know what to do with myself. Oh I know, I'll just close a show on Sunday, and hopefully not have a baby before then.