Sunday, July 24, 2011

Milly & Tillie Chapter

Last Milly & Tillie show today...

Until the world tour!

With Audrey and Zoe.
(Photo: Sarah F.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

and THEN.

As soon as I got back on American soil, I got swept away to Duluth, MN for the 4th of July weekend! I had never been before, and I was being a big snob thinking "how is a lake going to amaze me?" So i packed too many red, white and blue dresses and shoes, and we got on the road.
And then, I was amazed.

Lake Superior, in all its sunset glory.

The view is made even more beautiful with crazy-good malts.
I got banana-vanilla, and Jason got marshmallow-fudge. Whaat?
And yes, those are cherries. And wafers.
Happy 4th.


After Prague, I had 4 days in Paris.

Not long, but enough to see family, and take a couple of walks.

Best part was, I stayed with Maroussia.
We had yummy petit-dejeuners, and painted our nails in her bed while looking at videos on her iPad.


Back from Europe! Been a few weeks already.
I read other people's blogs, but I don't update my own!

We performed Why We Laugh in Terezin, and Prague.
It was incredible. Met Elly and Felix's 3 children, and Pavel Stransky, who co-wrote the cabaret. He bowed with us, and I cried. It was hot, and amazing.

Walked around in Prague. It's like a little Paris. A little, colorful Paris.

My costume.