Monday, March 25, 2013

Back On The Bus

Took the bus downtown for the first time in at least a year. Maybe two? It's been a while.
Back on temping trail. Watch out, world, I'm getting paid to sit in front of a computer- I'm online all. the. time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quilting - The Back

Found this orange fabric at S.R. Harris. I was in there for. ever. I like this small pattern. Maman told me that's pretty traditional, to have a small pattern repeating a lot on the back of a quilt. Totally knew that.

Batting. Warm and Natural is what I heard I should get. Looking at the measurements, I am actually making a TWIN-sized quilt. What? But it looks so good on our full bed! I get it, some people want theirs to fall further toward the floor. Mine will be a shorty.

 White and soft. I munna sleep under you!

I got a stencil pattern at Full Line Stencil. The kind that comes with the powder chalk that you iron off.

Ok. Let's talk about this. 
I draw like crap, and I didn't want to follow the pattern of the shapes in front of the quilt, so I went with a stencil because it was a concept I could wrap my head around.  If there is a next quilt, I think I'll draw with a washable pencil, or something like that. The main negative about the chalk stencil is that I am tied to the iron and the ironing board. I want to quilt in bed or in front of the TV, but there is too much shlepping for that to happen often. 

Just chalk.

Look! I'm quilting! A real quilt!


 Playing with Macro.

Thread and chalk.

And now it's March... and I'm still not done. But getting there!!