Friday, October 12, 2012

Quilting - Diving In

I wasn't sure if I wanted 9 different fabrics for each 9-square, or if I wanted two-toned squares of 9. (like the top photo) (so glad the rice cooker is in the shot)

 I decided to go for 9 different fabrics! The squares of 9 are oranges and yellows, and the border is the blue. (two of the fabrics are missing from this shot - they came from a skirt, and a pair of PJ pants)

 Then I went to town ironing around the cardboard, basting, and piecing! After texting these photos to my Mom, she promptly called me (and interrupted Breaking Bad!..) to tell me my stitches were waaay too close. "You'll never finish!" I've loosened up since then. A little. 

First block was finished in Kenyon, MN, while staying at a goat farm and performing in a historic home! Felt just right.