Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Quilt Done

This quilt has been years in the making. And I mean, years.
Maman started this quilt maybe 20 years ago? More?
Liberty fabrics only. Liberty all over, all the time.
Something like 3 years ago Maman gave me all she had already made for it and it was up to me to finish it.

I started piecing and blocking when we were in Seattle doing Pinocchio in early 2014. 

Took my good ol' time to get it all together,

Sometime in the Fall of 2014 we went to Britex in San Francisco and picked out a Liberty fabric for the back! The ladies in the store were very excited to see this all-Liberty project. I think that's when Jason felt proud and thought quilting was cool for the first time. :o)

Got some batting and went to town! Quilted like a chess board around the squares.

Then 2015 was a blur, for obvious reasons. I hadn't finished the quilt for Olive's birth, and didn't feel like pulling it back out. 

But the Fall and the Winter showed up again, and projects are fun, and out it came!

Binding times.

More binding times.


Boom. Done. Come one, little sister, it's ready for you!

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  1. Many 5 x 5 blocks were hand-pieced on many a transatlantic flight from Paris to San Francisco. I wonder if some of the other passengers remember their comments to me?